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Intero Bodywork is a local family-owned and operated business of two world-class somatic therapists, John & Kerri, dedicated to creating and maintaining truly personalized somatic therapy experiences, in a cozy and unhurried environment.​

In short, we're: 

  • big nerds 

  • capacious hearts

  • a safe space 

  • supportive of everyone in the LGBTQIA+ communities 

  • anti-racist

  • anti-fascist

  • always learning 

About Us

Welcome to our practice! John and Kerri are dedicated practitioners who bring an educated, thoughtful, and organic approach to massage and somatic therapy. With a genuine passion for helping clients on their wellness journey, they meet individuals where they are in life and strive to understand their aspirations. Deeply caring for their clients, John and Kerri embrace diversity, working with people from all walks of life who seek a profound experience of living in their bodies and integrating mindfulness and movement.

Our clients include professionals such as students, physicians, nurses, and educators, as well as anyone with an interest in enhancing their health and wellness through bodywork. Operating from a private practice allows them to uphold a higher standard of personalization, ensuring that each session is tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual.

John and Kerri's approach is characterized by its organic and open-ended nature, allowing flexibility to better address clients' evolving needs. Rather than adhering to set sequences or 'types' of bodywork, they work within multiple modalities simultaneously. Their commitment to depth of presence and kindness creates a therapeutic environment where clients can lead the way in their healing journey. Join us for a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional massage and somatic therapies.

Our goal is to get to know YOU

to help you heal, overcome, and build the life you want and how you want to feel in your body. 

Sure, we've had a lot of training, but building lasting connections with our clients is our top priority. It brings us great joy when clients, including their family members choose to work with us. And even children we've known since before they were born work with us, and now we have the privilege of helping them learn optimal stretching for ballet and soccer! 

Kerri Williamson



BA in Art History from UNC Wilmington

Body Therapy Institute in 2008, Class #52


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Transforming Touch Somatic Therapy

Integrative Attachment Theory (IAT)

Esalen Massage Approach to Trauma

Somatic Narrative

John Williford Durham Massage Therapist_edited_edited_edited.jpg

John Williford

BS, LMBT NC #9351


BS in Health Promotion from Appalachian State University

Body Therapy Institute in 2008, Class #52


Medical & Sports Massage Therapy

Myofascial Release

Osteopathic Manual Therapy

      Muscle Energy Technique

      Low Velocity/Low Amplitude Manipulation

      PNF Stretching 

      Positional Release 

Rock Tape Certified IASTM and Cupping

Esalen Massage & Deep Bodywork

Therapeutic Thai Yoga/Bodywork 

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Sunrise over the Wheat Field_edited.png

Our Praxis

As members of our greater community, we are conscious of the fact that our actions affect everyone around us.


We seek equanimity with the world around us by providing you a place of solace and serenity, and intentionally honoring the world and its resources.


The Tranquility Company sets out to create wholeness in our lives, community and world.


Our hearts are the drum beat of presence, integrity, authenticity, kindness, and taking our work seriously, so we don't have to take ourselves seriously.


It is our great joy to share our space for health and healing.


Our praxis is simple: we are here to change the culture of touch, to deconstruct limitations, and teach each other how to care for each other.



We aspire to be integrity given shape and form.

Our Lineage

John & Kerri's shared value lifelong learning. We aspire to help our communities in every way we can. 

Before attending Body Therapy Institute, where they met in 2008, they each had an interest in finding how they learn best. For Kerri, it was John Holt's pronouncement of non-institutional learning potential. For John, it was John Dewey's "both/and" discourse, which he learned from one of his most inspired teachers, Jay Wentworth. 

Though closed shortly before the pandemic, the Body Therapy Institute's approach to massage therapy was based on Deane Juhan (Esalen Institute), Randolph Stone (Polarity Therapy), Ron Kurtz (Hakomi Somatic Therapy), and Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains), but our approach is more expansive. 

Like Katy Bowman and Moshe Feldenkrais, we don't rely on fixed assumptions on what is "correct" but what provides the greatest potential and control.  

Our current studies include research by Stephen Terrell, Kathy Kain, Alaine Duncan, John Gottman, Luigi Stecco, Pavel Kolar, Andreo Spina, Diane Jacobs, Til Luchau, Leon Chaitow. However, our two children are our greatest teachers. Hopefully we are their best students. 

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